Gonzo Gaming 1: Heavy Rain

Gonzo 300

This is the first of a series of weekly articles in audio format. Think of it as a mid-week bonus podcast; A fifteen minute rant to tide you over until Fridays when we roll out the main event. Since I’ve decided to get back into writing articles I figured a good way to showcase them and reach the largest audience would be to put them on our main podcast feed.

So we kick off with an axe I’ve been itching to grind about Heavy Rain. It’s absolutely packed with SPOILERS so steer clear if you want to finish it first. We will doubtless be resuming a debate in the main show but we’ll be keeping that one spoiler free so everyone can enjoy it.

If you enjoy this monologue, you might also want tocheck out this excellent article from Games Radar on fifteen of the biggest Heavy Rain plot-holes. It was scathingly inspirational to me.

As for where to put your furious rebuttal, check out the forums and join the debate.

More Gonzo Gaming next week, along with a couple of oldschool written articles.


You can download this from wherever you get your regular Digital Cowboys episodes. Go to iTunes, Zune or wherever and click ‘Refresh’.

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