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Wrestling fans have been stuck with mostly the straight forward WWE type games as of late. Smack Down Vs. Raw has dominated the wrestling game landscape for the last few years. Unfortunately other then new wrestlers the franchise was slowly getting stale and game play was becoming run of the mill. TNA brought us a wrestling game but that didn’t revolutionize the wrestling genre games in any way either. Originality was fading from wrestling type games until just recently when Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes del Ring was announced.

Here is what a recent press release had to say:

First Lucha Libre Videogame to Hit Gaming Consoles Soon

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 10/- Mexican wrestling league AAA(R) expects its debut on gaming consoles to be out in US retail stores by this holiday’s launch window.

Published by Slang(TM), “Lucha Libre AAA(R) 2010: Heroes del Ring(TM)” features the most popular wrestlers from the quintessential & world famous Mexican sports event. This wrestling videogame will be brought to the PLAYSTATION(R) 3 and Xbox 360(R) platforms, as developed by Immersion Games and powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, later to be followed by Sabarasa’s Wii(TM), PSP(R), and Nintendo DS(TM) versions.

“Lucha Libre AAA(R) 2010: Heroes del Ring(TM)” successfully reflects the essence of the shows organized by AAA(R) wrestling federation; with both English and Spanish commentary, it offers the opportunity to choose the best known AAA(R) wrestlers and manipulate a wide variety of their throws, holds and locks. It also allows gamers to become completely immersed in the fighting scene while experiencing a dynamic connection with the audience through gameplay.

Slang’s “Lucha Libre AAA(R) 2010: Heroes del Ring(TM)” provides a nouvelle proposal to the current videogame tender, offering the acrobatics, key moves, and over the edge action & gimmicks that make this spectacle unique for all viewers, and now gamers in America.

Slang a relatively new company is looking to change the market bringing out games for a specific market. Reading their about me section gives a glimpse into what they are going after.

Slang is the new hallmark of videogames pioneer in publishing innovative content culturally relevant to a particular audience: the Hispanic community.

This release represents the first of a large portfolio of recognized IP’s, which reflect the knowledge and experience of bicultural Slang. Publishing games for various consoles, Slang also promotes the development of the best Latin American studios under international quality standards.

Unfortunately the website is under construction. Nothing more then a game release date of 8-9-10 is up. Though keep an eye on

Here is a gallery of some screen shots to wet your appetite:

Also check out the trailers:

Looks like again wrestling fans will be able to hold their heads high and be proud of a game that calls its self a wrestling game. This Lucha Libre game will be sure to breathe new life into a once dieing genre and may bring about good things for those who wait.

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  • This game looks awesome, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  • Sumo wrestling is my all time favorite. i always watch it a lot in Japanese channels.`;`