Suit Up For Female COG?

In the recent trailer for Epic Game’s Gears of War 3 title, there was a snippet that I assume surprised as many people as it did myself. The female COG.

There is a scene near the end where a female soldier passes a Lancer to another COG and starts shooting the shit out of the locust swarm barreling down on the squad. Now, a few questions arise, is she playable? will she be a true video game “heroin” and will you be able the chainsaw her in half? and what hell is a cat doing playing the piano? (last one subject to humor)

It has been confirmed that the female character shown in the reel is in fact Anya Stroud and Cliff Blezinski himself stated

“This is something the fans have been asking for, for a long time now”

The trailer shows a release window of April 2011 and I pray Epic stays true to that. Also at the end the phrase “brothers to the end” with the “Brothers to” part fading out displaying only the words “the end.” left over. This tells everyone that GoW3 will be the final Gears game (check Mark’s piece for GoW3 wishlist) and hopefully Epic moves on to make more awesome franchises in the years that follow. Like BulletStorm.

Hope we see more come E3/PAX-Prime.

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  • GOW fan

    Anya is a COG now eh? No wonder they’re called Epic Games.