Angry At Sony For Getting Rid Of OtherOS? Read On…

OtherOS has now been removed entirely from the system in the latest 3.21 update. Damn.

If you own a PlayStation 3 then you are probably aware of the latest system update, 3.21, that removed the OtherOS option from the system completely, which Sony said was due to “security concerns”.

For those that are unaware of this feature, let me fill you in. The OtherOS option simply enables you to install Linux to your PS3 and effectively use it as a super-computer, which is why it has been used by many businesses in testing.

Since April 1st, there have been many complaints from all over the Internet, and in my view, rightly so- many businesses relied on the option and because the new update is forced, you are unable to play any upcoming game that uses the new software version, connect to the PlayStation Network, and even play the latest Blu-ray movies.

Of course, one way around it is to simply not update- though, as said previously, many things are therefore locked out from the user. There is also an exploit already available that bypasses the operating system version, but this for many users is too complicated.

You may or may not have heard about the guy who managed to get an £84 refund from Amazon because of the removal of this option. You might be thinking “Well, that can’t be right, he simply told them about it and he just magically got cash back?”. There’s actually a European law that states that all products sold must be “fit for the purpose which the consumer requires them and which was made known to the seller at the time of purchase.”.

So this shows the Sony have actually broken European law here by removing the option that was advertised to consumers when they purchased their consoles. Some PS3 boxes even state that the system has the option to use the OtherOS option to install Linux or whatever else will work on there on the system!

So, what was the point in this article? Firstly, to inform you of this. Secondly, what you can do about it. I said previously that I had submitted a complaint back to Gamestation, so if you still have your receipt then you should get back to your retailer. Also, for us British folk, we can get in touch with BBC’s Watchdog and submit it to them and, if we get enough people to submit it, we might be able to take this a lot further.

Comment away with your feelings, but please remember that this will only work if you live in Europe. Sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about that!

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  • Silverthorne

    Lucky Brits. We don’t get that level of consumer protection in the States.

  • Saigon

    I can’t believe people are really pissed about this. You couldn’t you the option (unless hacked) the way it was intended. People need to grow up. Its not that big of a deal.

    And if your wondering, I installed the platform but never used it. No point complaining.

    • Candlejack

      The removal of OtherOS also removed firmware that was vital for the Blu-Ray player on several of the ‘Fat’ ps3 models – making them unplayable if you Update, or unplayable if you do.

  • James Martin

    @Saigon: you installed it and never used it, some people have it and use it all the time. Just because you don’t have a use for it doesn’t mean that other people don’t.

  • SickPigeon

    I almost didn’t update it because I know how valuable the Xbox 360’s that were never updated are worth now. Yes they are valuable for pirated games but did I mention tgey are valuable!
    But I couldn’t sit there with my fat PS3 as a dust collector just incase people started buying them up like the Xbox’s