Halo MMO a “WoW killer”? Unlikely.

This seems... familiar...

According to an article on, Dusty Monk, an Ensemble developer, said that the long ago canceled Halo MMO could have been a game to finally dethrone World of Warcraft from its evil throne of evil as king of the MMORPG’s. I have but two words in response to this:

My ass.

I don’t care that it had a $90 million budget, it wasn’t going to kill WoW. In fact, even if Jesus wrote the code, Chuck Norris was the Lead Designer, and Quentin Tarantino directed the cutscenes; it would have been a Halo MMO. Do you understand the full implications of that? Imagine all the social awkwardness of MMO gamers with all the anger of Halo gamers, all rolled up into one massively multiplayer 13-year-old ragefest. The billions of “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” chat messages would crush the servers in under a nanosecond, leaving the Halo gamers to do what they do best: complain about the game they love so much.

Besides, every new MMO that comes out is at some time or another labeled a WoW Killer, much like every new smartphone is labeled an iPhone Killer. It doesn’t matter if the game centers around a battle between mice and cats to capture Cheese Island, featuring only two character classes each of which require 80 hours of ceaseless grinding just to reach level 2, and not an instance in sight. Someone will call this game a WoW Killer. I guarantee it.

Maybe people should start focusing on making their MMO’s original and fun, rather than pumping out WoW clones what seems fortnightly; all they do is take an existing fictional universe (Conan, Warhammer 40k, Star Trek, Star Wars, the list goes on…), give the WoW system a tweak or two, then market as a totally new experience. Thank you, gaming industry, for flooding the market with crap. It’s comforting to know that no matter how much upheaval and change goes on throughout the world, the games industry will remain solid as a rock when it comes to making crummy online games.

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  • Wyatt

    I beleive that the old republic will do the most damage to WoW, if it doesn’t totally dethrone it, it will atleast hurt them badly.

    Star Wars FTW!

    • Chuck

      I hope youre right. My WoW acct got hacked even though I have never given out my info, nor bought gold and had the authenticator. I lost 10k g personal, 5 Guild Bank tabs full of good gear, lots of blue, 1000g in the guild bank and the disbanded.

      This just happened yesterday so WoW hasnt finished their “investigation” yet but from what my friends tell me, they are not going to make me whole again.

      If they dont, I quit. I did everything right and this 1.8 BILLION dollar per year company (15 bucks per mo. x the 10 mill accts they claim to have = 1.8 Bill per year) couldnt protect my account? WTF is that.

      I applied to be a Star Wars Tester yesterday. IF they let me in then WoW can kiss my ass!

      Chuck in Vegas
      Morbitach (WoW Maiev Server, Alliance