Character Reveal: Replika’s Main Character

As I stalked people- er, casually browsed Facebook today, there was a bit of news that caught my eye!

Replika, the upcoming 3-D Action/Strategy Hybrid Cyberpunk Game on the PS3 that I mentioned earlier, has been very tight lipped about any details other than a creative director and a music group providing the soundtrack to the game. Today, the game’s creator Bruno Patatas has released a photo revealing the main character:

Here are some of her bio stats

Codename: REPLIKA
Security Clearance: Top Secret lvl 4
Class: Cyborg Super-soldier
Type: Prototype
Series: Not available/Experimental
Genome Identifier: Not disclosed
Location: Citadel (Geostationary Molniya Orbit)

Not much else information was given about the mysterious lady, but I will do my best to keep Platform Nation updated!

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