Final Fight: Double Impact Review (PSN)

Game Review: Final Fight: Double Impact

Release: April 14th 2010

Genre: Fighting Action

Developed and Published by: Capcom

Players: 1-2

MSRP: $9.99 for Playstation Network and 800 points for Xbox Live Arcade

ESRB Rating: Teen

Some of the best games coming out today are the one’s that are just remakes of older games. These bring back fantastic memories for those of us that are old enough to remember the first release, and are fun for the younger generation to try out. I’ve noticed that most of the younger generation think that older games must be easier, for whatever reason, but then quickly change their mind after playing them! It’s a fun challenge and a fun change-up from the normal video games out today.

Final Fight: Double Impact is a great example of that! Two games in one, you get to enjoy both Final Fight and Magic Sword. Almost immediately my husband was in our game room wanting to play and once he got ahold of it, he played both games, back to back, no stopping!

First, I will let you know that this review will be mostly for people that have never played before. If you played this as an arcade game before, it’s basically the same thing. There is a possibility of spoilers, just be forewarned.

The first game I played was Final Fight. It was fun from the beginning, though still quite corny like some older games can be. This was the game my husband loved to play the most, obviously an arcade game from his childhood.

You can choose between 3 characters, each having a different reason for being in the story and their own skills. Your friends online also have the ability to join you in a game, no matter where you are in the game. A nice feature, might I add. There was no way to play two player in the same room though, which was a bit disappointing.

The first thing I noticed was how much the ‘bosses’ look like professional wrestlers. One of the first guys I came across strongly resembled Hulk Hogan, and another one looked like Andre the Giant.

Now this is a human vs human fighting game, which means it includes females… Funny as hell! The women in Final Fight look like hookers trying to be cops. They are wearing hot pants the same color as their hair (pink or red), black heels, white belly shirts, cuffs and a cop hat. I laughed every time one of them came into the picture.

The game has a decent change of scenery, which I was pleased with. You don’t just go through the same section over and over again, it changes it up from the streets to the train and more. Characters however stay basically the same throughout the game. A few new one’s come in the further in the game you go, but mainly they are just in different colored outfits or different names (Andros Jr and Andros F.). My favorite name of a bad guy: Bred. Cracked me up!

The restart feature was nice, just pick up right where you left off. No going through the same long section to get back to the same spot.

Music was definitely arcade music, nothing special, but it stuck with the originality of the game.

My favorite part was the last boss. This guy is in an electric wheelchair with a hooker on his lap that zooms back and forth across the room to fight you. Then, when you get further into the fight he GETS UP out of the wheelchair and fights. Why was he in the wheelchair at first??

Very fun to play through, though I’m sure I’ll never play it again. Now my husband probably will, so I would consider it definitely worth the money for him to play it.

The second game in this simulated arcade experience was my favorite. In Magic Sword you take on the roll as “The Brave One” through all 50 levels, changing your back-up character as you go. That was one thing I really liked, the change of back-up characters. If you want to keep who you have, you just dismiss the new character, if not, they change out!

The music in this game makes it sound like it’s EPIC. If you weren’t watching the TV and were just listening to the music, you would be expecting some huge movie! You know, like Spielburg or Cameron would direct. Craziness, but it really makes the game!

Magic Sword can also be a two player game, but only from someone online, not in the same room. It’s not a bad game to play by yourself though. It’s easy enough, but there are fun ways to obtain trophy’s that make it quite a bit more difficult.

Capcom did a good job of keeping new characters coming throughout the game. Most will stick around throughout the game, but almost always do you run into a new one every level. Scenery, on the other hand, stays about the same. It’s different enough that you wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking for it, but it’s there.

My favorite things about Magic Sword is the dragon on Level 42. He shoots what I’m assuming is supposed to be rings of fire. They look like Cheerios!!

All in all, decent game, lots of fun, and if you’re into arcade games, it’s worth the purchase. Great for a few laughs with a buddy on the other end of the gaming system!

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  • 2 awesome games for 800MSP seems like a steal.

    The online/offline co-op options are nice features also.

  • Jin

    “This guy is in an electric wheelchair with a hooker on his lap that zooms back and forth across the room to fight you.”

    Thats not a hooker thats Haggar’s daughter and Cody’s girlfriend.
    The main aim of the game was to save the girl !!!!!