Official Pokémon Black And White Screens Revealed

Pokémon Black and White- Official Shot 2

As planned, Nintendo have revealed the first set of official screenshots from the next generation of Pokémon games, Black and White. Unfortunately though, they haven’t released any information yet, so I’m assuming they must be keeping tight lipped (apart from screenshots, obviously) until E3. The images are at the bottom of this news article, so let’s go into some detail about what we can see now. Just a bit.

– As shown in the previous scans, it seems as though the full Pokémon will be shown in battle, so maybe some better animation?
– The dialogue box shown in the Poké Centre is in a speech bubble, a la Animal Crossing.
– Cars? In a Pokémon game?
– There’s a big, bland town, and the camera does seem to have been lowered a bit- maybe to make the 3D effects more effective? Will we be getting 3DS versions of these games?

So, what do you think? Looking forward to the game?

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