Digital Cowboys: Episode 152

DC 152

Our Life Without Games
James Batchelor of MCV joins us again for the first time since his appearence in Episode 130 where he ably defended the Nintendo Wii.

This week we’re talking to him about his recent foray giving up games for Lent. We go through the rules, restrictions, lowest points and mini-triumphs of this punishing ordeal.

Following that we asked our community what they would fill their lives with if gaming wasn’t a factor. We got some fascinating responses and manage to read out almost every one of them.

Then Tony, having just completed Final Fantasy XIII gets some things off his chest that he’s been storing up for weeks, maybe longer. Major fans of JRPG’s may need to bring something along to bite down on.

Many many thanks to James for his fantastic duties as a guest once again. You can find his blog; Games Journalism of Bust here.

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