Flash Game Friday For April 16th – Sydney Shark

Flash Game Friday is a new weekly special article, where we highlight some great new free online Flash games put up in the past week. This week’s highlight is the new game “Sydney Shark“.

Remember the great flash game from last fall called Miami Shark? If you liked that, then you’ll absolutely love Sydney Shark. Sydney Shark takes all the fun of Miami Shark, and brings it to a whole new level.

Here’s the game in a nutshell: You’re a shark. You eat everything, including divers, whales, dolphins, and horses. You destroy everything, like yachts, UFO’s, Crocodile Planes, and even missiles. The goal of the game is to create as much disaster and destruction as possible, as you travel on your journey to reach the city of Sydney.

Sydney Shark

Yes, that's a shark. With sunglasses. Taking down a UFO. With purple tentacles flying out.

This game is different from the original Miami Shark in quite a few ways. First, the game’s longer. In the first game, you only had 98 miles to destroy stuff in with your shark. In Sydney, however, you’ve got a hefty 184 miles to create Shark and Orca Ahalesy carnage in. In addition, there’s now horses and Orca whales to eat, as well as tons of new aircraft.

So, in summary? You should be playing this amazing game. Now. It’s free, and a whole lot better than most retail games on the market today. Haven’t you ever wanted to be a shark that destroys stuff for no apparent purpose at all, like commercial jets, UFOs, and nuclear weapons? Yes, NUCLEAR WEAPONS. That’s pretty close to a game spoiler, so I think I’ll leave you there. Just play it. Now. Really.

(Thanks to Wiesi from for creating Sydney Shark. You can find the game here.)

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