Four Year Old Finds Weed In Game

These type of stories always feel slightly fabricated to me. The consumer that got home with his copy of Game X only to find the disc wasn’t there, or it was replaced with a burned copy, or it had porn on it. And, amazingly, the kid always has the wherewithal to bring the error to the attention of his very concerned parents immediately. It’s all a little too convenient for my taste. Then I saw this story, and I think it tops them all.

fight night round 4

Fight Night Round 4

A four year old boy was given a used copy of Fight Night Round 4 by his father, a father who obviously knows how to use the ESRB rating system to protect his child. Inside the case was the game and a bag filled with weed and tobacco. As soon as the boy found the bag, he took it to his father, who then contacted the Blockbuster where he bought the game.

“They didn’t seem too concerned and said they’d credit a free rental to my account. But this isn’t a matter of a scratched CD or wrong disc, it’s serious…They should check all the boxes before they sell them,”

I suppose it is possible that this guy stumbled upon a pretty ingenious way to sell drugs that his local Blockbuster employees have come up with. They may have left the bag in the game by mistake. I think it’s also equally possible that the kid found his dad’s weed and so he had to come up with a cover story to keep from being turned in for possession.

Either way, he got a free rental out of the deal. Silver lining achieved.

By the way, why is it always a sports game like Madden or FNR4? This never happens with a copy of Modern Warfare or Mario Galaxy.

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  • “Fight Night Round 4, We Made It More Enjoyable”

  • Thepaintedcow

    Lol we actually sold a copy of guitar hero smash hits , and in it was a copy of zombieland lol for real !!!

  • Wow, that’s just wrong…