Hidden Indie Gem: Decimation X

Indie games are numerous. With the right knowledge, the PC is a great and easy platform on which to build games. If you want to have games on the Xbox 360, there is even the Xbox Live Indie Games section. With these two platforms and so many games, how do you find a good one to play? Every week, my goal is to present to you, or bring to your attention a new, and undoubtedly free, indie game I’ve discovered.

For the second week, I decided to switch platforms and talk about a  game from the Xbox Live Indie Game Section called Decimation X from Canadian developer Xona Games. Fans of the classic Space Invaders will surely love this game. It has a familiar Space Invaders feel and an 8-bit art style, yet introduces some interesting improvements. It is an intense game and you could even say it’s like Space Invaders on crack. Bullets rain down from above and when UFO’s are destroyed, it looks like the fourth of July on screen.

Starting Decimation X, you’ll instantly notice a 4 player competitive co-op. Yes, the option to have four players on screen at once! Not only is there four player co-op, but at any point you can have someone join the game. I’m sure back in 1978 most, if not all, players would not have thought “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if this game had co-op?” With the introduction and popularity of co-op games following the release of Space Invaders, there is no doubt that at some point many players dreamt of co-op support but due to hardware limitations, co-op was never available. Even the new updated versions don’t seem to feature co-op. At first, Decimation X may feel like Space Invaders but you’ll quickly notice the pace of the game is much faster.

Just like Space Invaders, the object of the game is to destroy the onslaught of enemy waves and defend earth; survive multiple waves and earn a high score. There are shields to protect yourself, but again, if you’re familiar with Space Invaders, these shields won’t stay up for long. However, that’s where the new upgrades come in. Quite often enemies will drop items. These items can be extra points, extra bullets, rapid fire, and many more, but what’s interesting is the shield item. With this item, a new thin layer will be applied to the shield. However, they won’t last any longer because bullets rain down on you like there’s no tomorrow.

While the game feels like Space Invaders, there is also a slight graphical upgrade. All the pixelated sprites have been re-drawn and do not resemble any sprites from Space Invaders. They look great though in all their 8-bit glory on an HD screen. It features some great catchy and upbeat techno music from Imphenzia that fits the fast paced action perfectly.

With Space Invaders gameplay, improvements from the classic, and a price of 80 points, Decimation X is a must buy. There is a local leaderboard with support for an online leaderboard coming soon. So many hours have been put into this game. Think you have a really high score? Submit your video to this thread and see if stack up to other players of Decimation X.

Official Website can be viewed here:

Download Space In… er Decimation X on the XBLIG Marketplace

Still not convinced? Check out this trailer for the game.

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