Plants vs Zombies Sequel

Yes you are reading this correctly, PopCap (the company behind the award-winning Plants vs Zombies) has confirmed that a sequel is on the cards for this particular game and an extremely vague release has been mentioned. It turns out that the next Plants vs Zombies game will arrive within the next decade which I hope will come out sooner rather than later.  After all, with Plants vs Zombies being supported by nearly every platform out there, it would only seen sensible to continue this unique game style by announcing a Plants vs Zombies 2 game.

Current PvZ Gameplay

By PopCap releasing this game on many different platforms (more recently the iPad) and both Xbox live and PlayStation Network later this year which I am eagerly awaiting, it would suggest that we could see a simultaneous launch across all supported platforms when Plants vs Zombies 2 is ready.  All-in-all I guess we shall more details within the next ten years.


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