3D Gaming To PS3: Better Get Your 3D Popcorn Ready!

Seems Sony will be the first to offer 3D gaming to the masses in June (Well, first if you don’t count the Virtual Boy).  This is exciting news, and I know both people with 3D sets are very excited to get their hands on that firmware update! (No 3D movies yet though, so your hope for watching Honey, I Shrunk The Audience in all its glory will have to wait)

Is 3D something to get that excited about? Gamers tend to be a seclusive group as it is — if guests, family members, passer-by’s aren’t able to look at the screen without glasses to understand what’s going on, is that a good thing?  Not that they understand what’s going on normally, but at least with 1080p, people can appreciate it when I should them a war-torn Washington DC, and at least hold their disdain off until I’m out of earshot.  With 3D, it will be open season on gamers once again.

Let’s not even mention the costs to upgrade those gaming rigs folks have.  That 1080p TV you got 2 years ago? Scrap it, that’s so 2008.  Got a 3D ready TV? Good for you, now go drop another $100 on a device that will actually make your TV produce 3D images.  Glasses will likely cost another Benjamin, so if you plan on sharing your experience, be ready to plunk down at least $200-500 just to have others join in your fun.  And you thought Rock Band instruments were costly.

Look, I’m sure 3D is great, and I have no doubt it will do what it did in the 50s but it’s cost prohibitive and unnecessarily exclusionary.  Perhaps in a few more years we’ll get a 3D projector that will work without 3D glasses (see below), but until then, count me out of this running.

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  • Jeremiah Hill (Jeremiah Night)

    I have to say I disagree completely here. I think when implemented properly- 3D gaming will be an incredible experience for people who want to go that much deeper into a game(if its well implemented and not used as a gimick) furthermore– people who want to share their disdain or just make fun of me or other gamers in general can frakin go somewhere, because I frankly could care-less.. Most of them are just jealous they can’t save the universe on a daily basis like the rest of us anyway 🙂

  • James Martin

    I’m not buying into it at all at the moment. I don’t think it’s going to fail, by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s no way the working classes of the world can start forking out another £2,000 for a 3D TV…only to realise that a year later there’s a new one that doesn’t require glasses (3DS, hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink).

  • This site is actually wonderful, worthy of reading through