Modern Warfare 2 Coming Out For Wii?

Yes, the title is correct. A picture has been leaked onto the net showing a portion of the box art of MW2 for Wii, and who might this “leaker” be; Gamestop! So according to US fans of have received newsletter emails from Gamestop, and one eagle-eyed viewer noticed something odd about the Wii box art for one game.

Could it be?

With the whole fiasco going on at Infinity Ward and there employees leaving, it begs some questions is it being developed by someone else? Is it a photoshop? Or is it real? I am kinda leaning towards it being a photoshop but you never know, the Call of Duty money train keeps rolling in for Activision so why not try and milk it for every last penny. You can head over to and read some more!

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  • Um, maybe it will be an utter fail? I’m just saying though…

    • I agree too. The online will be, lets say “crap”.

      • nathan

        NAh, that’s wrong dude. Modern warfare 1 was awesome on wii, not as good as PS3 or XBoX. But it was still great

        • Strait up. I have MW1 on wii and am getting black ops for christmas but i think infinity ward would generate an substantial amount of money if they released a MW2 for wii

      • maybe you say that just because you suck as at it

  • I think Travis is right. i agree with you Travis.

  • Sogeman

    At least it won’t be glitched as hell XD

  • hobo

    i really hope its real!!!!
    hopefully MW2 will come out (i will pown if so!!)

  • Nick

    Considering Treyarch handled the CoD4 port for the Wii, I’m willing to bet they’re handling the MW2 port as well. And that can’t sit well with anybody over at IW.

  • iScope

    Im gonna buy this if it really comes out. 😀

  • npbeer

    I don’t see why this wouldn’t come out. Every COD game that has been released has sold more than 1 million copies. That equals more money for Activision.

  • jaris

    it would be gud with the classic and gun conroller

  • Aaron

    That would be awesome if Md2 came out on wii.. because that’s all i have.

  • Nightmare

    well, despite how shitty the game is with its commando and one man army/danger close noobtubes.. ill still buy it if its real cus mw and waw for wii have been pretty good games

  • modern warfare on wii? great idea the way nintendo are shaping to console to do more interactive games like sword fighting, shooting and so on. this game will either soar or crash in a bloody mess.

  • Well since I own CoD Black Ops on the Wii and from what I see it looks as if they would make good money on it. Have you noticed that they made MW WaW and BO but not MW2? Maybe they wanted to wait to see how Black Ops would do… It’s just a thought.

  • i actually agree with that thought iv also noticed they made everything CoD for the wii even guns and stuff made MW1 then skipped over MW2 and went strait to Black Ops. they’re obviously testing the gamer market in some way. i wouldn’t put it past em to save “the best for last” MW2 did rock.

  • Jim

    Infinity Ward never made a COD game for wii. Treyarch remade MW (quite well, other than some lag online) one year after the original release. They released a statement saying that if MW:R (R meaning Reflex, the wii version) did well, they would port over MW2 as well. So if it is going to come out, I believe:
    A.) We probably would have already heard about it officially if it were coming out, because:
    B.) If it comes out it will be with MW3 for the other systems. That means this November.


    hope it coms out iv been waiting for it to cum out by the way if u got black ops for wii add my ally code is 3486-8088-8514

    • I’ve got the other three. They have to bring MW2 to the Wii.

  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Even More Reflex Edition. ×D