Sim City 3000 Mastered

Here at PlatformNation we like to bring you quality reviews and the latest video game news out there, but every now and again a quirky story raises its head and just has to be reported.  This is one such story about someone with just too much time on their hands.

SimCity 3000 was released early 1999, yes you read that correct just over ten years ago, and for anyone in any doubt as to what the game was about, it was basically a simulation where you designed , built and managed a city. It was quite fun and challenging but this one gamer has taken it to the next level and discovered how to make the perfect city.  Saying they discovered the perfect city doesn’t give them enough credit for the calculations and obvious hours that they dedicated to achieving this feat.

Watching the video I couldn’t help but wonder if the gamer has done anything else in the 10 years since this game was released.  Someone should tell them about the latest generation of consoles.

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  • Wow, that’s just crazy

  • And I thought playing through Deadly Premonition 3 times to get all the achievements was excessive.

  • SimCity is a classic city simulator game which i used to play in the early 90’s (the original version) :.,