How Nintendo Can (and should) Win Back An Old Fanboy.

Let me start saying I was one of those poor souls who waited hours for his brand-new N64 / GCN / NDS / Wii on launch day, and believed blindly in everything Yamauchi-san, Miyamoto-san, Iwata-san and Reggie had to say. I screamed like a Perfect Dark voice actor the day they showed the first Twilight Princess trailer and bitched for some time things like “haha!! Sony and Microsoft don’t have our innovation, we have a kick-ass revolutionary controller!!!”

As things turn out, I’m currently a proud owner of both a X360 and a PS3, while my Wii is collecting dust every day, and I have a difficult time getting excited for anything Nintendo-related. But as they say, “even after the darkest nights, there’s a dawn”, and considering the next E3 is coming up, Nintendo can do a lot of things to win its former fanboys back to its ranks.

The Wii is an interesting piece of hardware from the market perspective. It really changed the landscape of the industry forever, but let’s face it, it sucks. Nintendo is making ridiculous amounts of money with 10-years-old hardware and people are starting to notice it. It’s Wii 2 HD time! A new Wii would bring fresh air to an old and cursed console, and it could correct all the mistakes Nintendo did with the first Wii. So, what should the Wii 2 HD have?

A new hardware, a new hope.

You see, I love Metroid and Zelda, but I hate being forced to watch them in SD with blurry textures and low-poly models. We, the Nintendo fanboys of old, want to see HD versions of all our favorite franchises, with the highest production values, the highest level of detail and presentation, and a polygon count never-heard-of. It doesn’t hurt if they implement Dolby Digital Surround, too. It’s not like it’s “new” technology, you know? Last but not least, we want to play demos so we can now how the game actually plays, and want to watch HD trailers saved on the built-in 250GB HDD.

Wii Live Network

The Wii 2 HD needs to have a much better online functionality. Just go and copy Xbox Live (but make it free!), it doesn’t matter. It’s funny Nintendo have a lot of amazing franchises, but it seems it doesn’t know what to do with them, and keep sticking with old and aging formulas. I think it’s about time they start experimenting with something like a Pokémon or Animal Crossing MMORPG. What about a competitive online-compatible Pikmin?

a Pokémon MMORPG? The possibilities are endless

Social Integration and “Medals of Happiness”

But online implementation is not only about competitive and cooperative efforts, we want social integration too. We don’t want to feel alone inside our Wii interface, we want IDs, we want to see what our friends are playing, we certainly don’t want friend codes, and we definitely want to brag our accomplishments to the people of the world. Yes, I’m talking about an achievement/trophy system. Even though I believe Nintendo would call them “Medals of Happiness” or something like that, it is still integral to modern gaming.

Waggle no more

Wii hardcore gamers don’t want to waggle again. If Nintendo is to make motion controlled games, it better makes them right. Yes Wii Music, I’m staring at you, I don’t like your attitude! I really think the Wii remote is a lackluster piece of hardware, so this time all the cutting-edge technology should be put together in order to make the greatest motion-sensing controller ever. Don’t get cheap on us again, Nintendo.

I still have faith in you, master Miyamoto.

In the end, all Nintendo needs to win me back, is to keep a little bit on par with the competition. I’m not saying it needs to follow Sony’s path of “they did it, let’s do it too!!1!1” behavior, but some of the things mentioned here are integral to nowadays gaming, and Nintendo needs to remember it climbed to the top of awesomeness because of the rabid fan-base that now begs for an HD, polygon-heavy, “Medals of Happiness”-enabled, waggle-free version of Zelda.

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  • jay

    Right on man!!!… I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now, while MS and SOny fight it out to be the close 2nd to the Wii, Nintendo can put out a console , a powerful console that is more powerful than the PS3 and 360, right in the middle of the PS3 and 360’s life cycle… ports from those machines would be a piece of cake and look better, and we will FINALLY see a HD Zelda!!!
    I would love to play my favorite Nintendo games on my big screen, I’m dying to!

  • I think I have been burned once too many times by nintendo to jump on a new platform at this point. The next console will have a wait and see approach I currently am taking with the ps3 (though I am danger close to picking one up now). Fact of the matter is, goldeneye aside, the last meaningful release for hardcore gamers was the SNES.

    As for 360 and ps3 being 2nd to wii, its not even a fair comparison. I will take hd, online gaming any day of the week. Compare apples to apples, otherwise label zuma and slingo slots game of the year every year, because I’m sure they are the most played games thanks to the orgy of social gaming.

  • zenaxe

    Nintendo is not about cutting edge hardware. They’re about making cheap mainstream hardware with unique interfaces and then putting Mario and the gang to work on them and selling 50 billion units.

    For the hardcore gamer Nintendo stopped being relevant after the N64.

  • Gern

    I disagree with you. The Wii is a great system. It is the first console that I owned since my Atari 2600. It is the only console that made me want to get back into console gaming because the Wii offers something different. Between the years of Atari 2600 and the Wii, I was a PC gamer. There was a good choice of different controllers and customization and I like that about PCs. The Wii blew me away in that it has motion controls and is something that I can’t do with the PC, nor xbox 360 and PS3. Thanks to Nintendo for innovating something really cool.

    However, don’t misunderstand me. I am also a 6-month owner of xbox 360 too because it can do PC gaming better than a PC. For example, Batman Arkham Asylum. Yeah, I could get it and play on my PC, but I sure like having it on my big flat screen TV with convenience.

    I love both of my gaming systems, but I tip towards the Wii more often because of the different gameplay and variety that it offers.

  • that’s real?

  • John

    tell me where to find that game from the pic, only thing I’ve seen online, sucks, or hasn’t come out yet

  • Darion

    That’s World of Warcraft with some N64 Pokemon Stadium models added… jeez ~.~
    He suggests to make such a game. If this was real, he wouldn’t have to post this stuff.

  • Red

    Well It isnt an MMO, but it is pretty good.

    Check this out…… Pokemon X and Y. It may have some of the newer pokemon, BUT they DO have the old ones in there and it looks pretty good. Check it out if ya want. Just sayin. I think they should remake all of the old ones and bring ’em back, in the same graphics as X and Y.