Nerdgasm: The Battlestar Galactica Lantern Corps.

With shows like Big Bang Theory embracing the not only the gaming culture, but the geek culture as a whole, it seems natural that people who love science fiction and comics would also love games and TV.
When I watch television, however, I tend to relate everything together.  For example, I keep wondering if Bones and Booth will ever help in the investigation of Olivia Dunham and the enigmatic crew on Fringe. It is a blast trying to connect everything together.  So when I watch a show like Battlestar Galactica, I keep asking the Mrs., why they don’t just call up the Green Lantern Corps to lend a hand with the cylon threat?

The ending of BSG answered my question on that, and while not giving away the ending, it didn’t stop my imagination from going nuts trying to link the universe of Battlestar Galactica to the universe Geoff Johns has created in his run on Green Lantern, and the grand finale of the past few years worth of stories, in Blackest Night.The War of Light.

Battlestar Galactica tells the story of a Cylon (A sort of organic machine made to look human) attack that leads to the decimation of 99% of the human race.  What few Humans are left become a fleet with the BattleStar Galactica at its lead, in a hope to find the lost 13th Colony of Earth.

Blackest Night involves not only the Green Lantern Corps, (a galactic police squad that trades guns for Rings that can do anything their will power can create) but a series of other Corps all with their own Emotion powered light rings.

With BSG’s full seasons on blu-ray/DVD and The Green Lantern movie, staring Ryan Reynolds, slated to come out next summer, it seems a good a time as any, to impart upon you how I related two of the greatest science fiction stories ever told.  If you have no idea what any of this is, then I wouldn’t hold any ill will if you moved on.  But if you are still on board, Minor Spoilers Ahead.

As a start off, here is a run-down of all the Lanterns colors, and the Emotions which attach them.

Green – WillpowerNot your fathers Centurion
Yellow – Fear
Red – Raaaaaage
blue – Hope (really only works a green lantern is around, sort of useless by itself)
Indigo – Compassion
Star Sapphire – Love, and exclusively women.
Orange – Avarice, or greed, as such, there can be only one.

As a blanket statement let us assume everyone aboard the Galactica (not everyone in the Fleet, and certainly not everyone aboard the Pegasus) are all Green Lanterns.  A police force now in charge of trying to get the galaxy back in order.  They all start as Green Lanterns.  Keyword: start.  Admiral Adama would most likely be a Kilowog type character.

As a similar blanket statement let us say all the Cylons (initially at least) are all Yellow Lanterns.  Instilling Fear throughout the galaxy.  For whatever their reason now the initial attack provoked great fear.  Yellow Lantern.

The Centurions (an old model Cylon) would be the Manhunters (No man escapes the Manhunters!)  Manhunters were The guardian’s 1st attempt at a Galactic police, but they eventually became sentient and turned on the Guardians. Sound Familiar? The Manhunters now follow yellow lantern, The Cyborg Superman/Hank Henshaw, and do Yellow lantern Dirty work.

As the series went on, Certain members of the Galactica crew started branching off and other rings attached to them.

Other People in the fleet as well.

It gets a little crazy

When Galactica met up with the Pegasus, maybe not all the crew of the Pegasus were Yellow lanterns (but lets face it, a few slapped on that yellow ring) But Admiral Cain sure as hell was wearing that Yellow ring, even if she still wore a Green Lantern uniform, it was powered by fear, hands down.

The Blue Lantern’s would be headed by Laura Roslin, for obvious reasons.  On her own she would be pretty useless (school teacher)  but next to a Green Lantern the Power of Admiral Adama, she is one of the Most powerful people in this war.

The Quorum of 12 would easily be the Guardians of Oa (the little blue guys who created the Green Lantern Corps).  Always bickering, claiming they are for the greater good and protecting their people, but they are all too set in old ways to be of any use in the new age.  Apollo would have been the 1st Green Lantern to have a voice in the council (as Hal Jordan did) and it would have caused many shake ups, eventually having people start thinking for them selves and realizing that there are different views and directions as to what is right for the people.

As my Mrs., who so often indulges my crazy imagination, so awesomely pointed out, Gaius Baltar would have been nothing, but once he decided to run for president, the Orange Ring would have found him instantly.  If this truly was the Green Lantern Universe, It would seem that after realizing there was only one true (mine!) god.  He didn’t want any other people to worship it.  So he eventually killed all his followers and now uses light constructs of them to worship him instead.  What a douche.  That is just my imagination at the end, that didn’t actually happen in BSG.

Caprica Six would have became the 1st Star Sapphire.  Followed by Boomer, who would have eventually lost it once she sided against her Models and chose to be with the cylon model: One, thus reenacting her status as a Yellow Lantern.  I figure once Apollo messed up with the trial, Duala would have been given a star sapphire ring as well.  Athena would have been offered a Star Sapphire ring, but would use her own will power to reject it and stay a green lantern.  After working so hard to get the ring, she would refuse to wear anything else.

Another product of my imagination put together that Gaius’s sex cult would have eventually turned on him and became the 1st of the Indigo tribe, which would have led Gaius to Orange lantern them out of existence.  If he couldn’t have them, then no one could.

The red ring of rage would have eventually gone to the “Chief” and Col. Tigh.  It is pretty simple to see why, once you watch the series all the way through.

Starbuck would have had her ring taken away from her eventually, because her will power is too erratic.

I hope this article has either sparked your interest in watching BSG, reading A comic Book or two, or at least going on Wikipedia, to see what the hell I am talking about exactly.  With Lost ending soon, you may be itching to find a special show to fill in that particular hole it will leave.  For those of you who are a part of Venn Diagram cross section of “likes sci-fi (or is it now Sy-Fy?) TV” and “Reads comic books, I hope would love your thoughts and ideas on this.  With the next chapter, Brightest Day, kicked off and shows like Fringe and Caprica still on air, it is a good time to be in that Cross Section.

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  • Mrs. Lucha

    Dont forget the light constructs Gaius could make with everyone who got killed on Caprica. Great idea for an article babe. I loved it! Cant wait to read what you come up with next.
    Ps.I still think I would be a Green Lantern.

  • katy

    mind officially blown. ok.. i’m a terrible nerd, meaning i’m bad at my nerdery.i must admit a bit more effort will be put forth after reading this. i didn’t really have an oppinion on green lantern before, but i must say that this has made me need to read more regarding him/them.