No Next-Gen Twisted Metal?

Twisted Metal PS3

You heard it folks.  It appears the rumored Twisted Metal game is just ,after all, a rumor.  In a fairly recent tweet from David Jaffe, the man behind Twisted Metal series and co-founder of Eat Sleep Play, responded back to a fellow tweeter with a couple of facetious remarks:

“RT @SmoothFreeze: is there gonna be a twisted metal for the ps3? JAFFE: Lemme know what they say! Be fun 2 make one! “

“RT @SmoothFreeze: s there gonna be a twisted metal for the ps3? JAFFE: Wud LOVE a TM for PS3 but it’s Sony’s game so u gotta ask them.”

Rumors of the PS3 Twisted Metal game arose after a weird code from a documentary, featured in Twisted Metal Head-On, was deciphered reading, “Twisted Metal is coming on PSthree.”  Jaffe has been teasing a new game for a while now, but it appears Twisted Metal is not that game.

Something of note is Jaffe’s 3 game deal with Sony, so there is still hope for a potential Twisted Metal release.  Don’t give up hope just yet Twisted Metal fans.  There’s still room for this AAA title to make a triumphant return yet.

Credit goes to for the tweet find.

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  • That makes me sad 🙁

    I loved Twisted Metal! Moar pleaz?

  • Lauren Hinson

    Aww I was hoping for a big HD comeback 🙁 Well, I’m not gonna give up hope yet.

    • grynder

      Just because he hasn’t just come out with it doesn’t mean it’s not Twisted Metal. Contractually obligated to keep his trap shut.

  • Oh but there will be a twisted metal for the ps3. Go check out for the details.

    • Dorian Whittley

      I’m aware of that. This articles old so, yea it’s kind obselete now.