Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Next month, Xbox 360 & PC owners will be able to add another military FPS to their collection (at a great $40 pricetag) with City Interactive’s Sniper: Ghost Warrior.  While the title may make you think you will be spending majority of your time looking at bad guys from 500 yards away, Sniper will actually let you control two characters; the aforementioned sniper and another, more traditional run-and-gun character.  This means that while the trademark sniping will make an appearance, there will also be close-quarters combat, trap setting, spotting, and much more.

Not a bad perch

I know what you’re thinking… with the glut of FPS games out there, what’s the gimmick in this one? Well, aside from the price (did I mention $40?) the one feature well touted is the realistic sniping in the game. Once you step above easy mode (which shows you where your bullet shot will go) you will have to factor in a variety of variables including distance, wind, and your heartbeat. Wait, heartbeat? That means there’s a button to hold my breath and slow that down, right? You would be correct, but keep in mind that running around means a faster heart rate that is harder to control, so some care must be taken during missions. Couple that with the mini-game-like decision making process of actually when to kill your targets so as not to alert anyone, and you’ve got some quality target practice to work on. Pull all of that off, and you are rewarded with a from-the-bullet perspective of your kill, which is both greatly satisfying and rewarding, making your patience for quality kills well worth it.

With the squad

You won’t find the “super soldier” health regen that’s become a standard for shooters, with City Interactive opting for health packs instead.  You can bet those packs will be in hard to access areas that will require additional skill to access if you plan on needing them, which I’m all for.

Of course, all this will mean little if gameplay mechanics don’t hold up, so you’ll need to stay tuned for a full on review next month. With 16 missions and a great price point of $40, this could be a sleeper hit for 2010. Sniper: Ghost Warrior releases on May 25, 2010 for Xbox 360 and PC.

Someone's about to have a bad day

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