3DS : The Beginning Of Gaming Awesomeness Has A Release Date?

As 3D becomes the new “D” among the technical media hegemony, gaming has unsurprisingly adapted to fit within its trouser pocket. Near the end of March of this year, Nintendo announced the “3DS”, a brand new handheld that can display 3D visuals without the need of glasses. While Nintendo are saving their sweet product for E3, it has recently been speculated that the 3DS will indeed be being released this year, October 2010.

UK industry sources informed CVG that the platform holder is readying an October launch, giving a 3 month gap towards Christmas and meaning it’ll be battling with Microsoft’s Project Natal for that “must-have gift”. It isn’t certain and it’s contradictory as Nintendo previously stated we’d be playing games in 3D in March 2011.

Personally, I think it makes sense. Having that gap means they’ll be lots of sales on release, which will then lead others to want one under their Christmas tree later on. In addition to the fact, this potentially gives 3 months to establish a strong games library, one which might make Natal appear (or not) to be obsolete as “it doesn’t have anything coming out of it” once said by Phoebe from Friends. If Nintendo confirm this to be true at E3, I sense 2010 to be not only revolutionary, but damn expensive too.

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