Dead Rising 2 Co-Op & Trailer

Capcom has announced that you’ll be able to battle the hordes of Zombies in Vegas with a friend, as Dead Rising 2 has 2 player co-op.  Surely this is great news and a fantastic addition to one of the most antipated sequels due out in 2010.  Imagine the fun that two players can have with the imaginative weapons that Capcom will include in Dead Rising 2.

Dead Rising may have had its critics but it remains one of the best titles available on the Xbox 360, despite being one of the earlier releases. The huge number of zombies on screen at any one time is almost unrivalled and the sequel will surely give us even even greater number of zombies to kill with whatever object we can get our hands on.

We have also been treated to a new trailer from Capcom, so click play and sit back and enjoy.


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