GameHounds 107: Hydrophobia Et Al

microphoneWait. Episode 107?! Did you miss an episode?

No, you didn’t. We did. Want to find out what happened to Episode 106? Well, you’ll just have to listen to this week’s show. In addition to Holy Goalie and Edie Sellers discussing what happens when you pick the wrong directory for file clean-up, the awesome duo discuss:

  • Hawkes interviews Dark Energy Digital about their upcoming XBLA game, Hydrophobia!
  • Official Xbox Magazine reveals that Fable 3 will allow co-op procreation. Oh, this is gonna be goooood.
  • Film critic (and might we add, general asshat) Roger Ebert says that games can never be, will never be, art. Sit and spin, cancer chicken.
  • No Doubt’s lawsuit against Activision gets an all-systems-go from the Los Angeles Superior Court. Gwen really is a badass.
  • Random stuff, reviews of iPhone’s Supermarket Manager and the Dr. Horrible comic, general impressions of Xbox Live’s Game Room, and the usual dose of semi-drunken, birthday weirdness.


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