Online Gaming Infographic Reveals What You Suspected

Or at least had some vague hunch about. Otherwise, I guess you’d be working at the prestigious Online MBA and probably had come up with this nifty infographic about online gaming. There’s nothing terribly surprising about the numbers, although it is worth noting that PS3 gaming hours trail behind both Xbox 360 and PC at 5.8, 7.3, and 6.6 hours per week respectively.

Other than that, it really is just confirming what you already suspected, like most online gamers are male (58%), Halo 3 and both Modern Warfares are the most popular 360 games, WoW dominates PC gaming and MMO’s in general, and ODST troopers make any infographic look totally and completely authoritative. Seriously, why is he on there?

Anyways, if you’d like to find out more about gaming statistics, I recommend heading over to Kotaku to read their 2010 census results. It’s pretty enlightening and occasionally surprising. Then you can go over to Joystiq and read about how many hours it takes to reach rank 50 in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I’ll give you a hint: it’s ungodly.

Source from Online MBA via Kotaku.

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