The Questions That Plague Me: Naughty Bear

Geez, how am I ever going to be able to play Naughty Bear? I have young kids in my house. Kids who would think this is a cute game…until their Dad (that would be me) guts the stuffing out of a cuddly little bear.  Sure, the bear will probably have it coming, but how do you explain that to a five year old?

“Its OK, honey. Daddy had to kill those cuddly little bears because they were being mean to him,” I would say when I see the shocked look on my kid’s face.

“Should I kill people who are being mean to me?”

“No, honey…you probably shouldn’t.”

“But what if they really, really have it coming,” my kid would counter.

Its around this point where I’d most likely jokingly agree that if they really, really have it coming, its probably OK.  Years later, my kid is in prison asking me to put some money in their commissary, and I don’t even know what the hell that means.  Looks like I’ll have to play this one at my buddy’s house or something.  Or, maybe in the garage after the kids go to sleep.  But make no mistake, it will be played.  Any other Gamer-Parents stuck in this dilemma?

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