What’s New On XBLA This Week!

Another week has come, and some more new releases are available to purchase on Xbox Live. This week we have 2 new XBLA games, and one of them is a  remake of the original game. So without further ado here are the games are some screenshots below;

After Burner Climax
800 Microsoft Points

Description – “The classic arcade game After Burner returns for a new generation of gamers. After Burner Climax™ is fast and frantic action, putting you in the cockpit of the world’s fastest fighter plane. Dodge planes, rockets, and bullets while trying to target multiple on-screen enemy aircraft. Built for all skill levels, everyone can take to the air and blaze through a branching storyline and over 20 stages. Unlock achievements along the way to win an exclusive Avatar award using your experience and expertise.

Puzzle Chronicles
800 Microsoft Points

Description – “Enter the dark and savage lands of the Ashurin Empire as you battle to avenge the atrocities the Empire brought upon your tribesmen in Puzzle Chronicles. On your heroic quest to topple the Empire, fight fierce beasts and battle-hardened warriors in this new puzzle/role-playing hybrid game. Featuring an active puzzle combat mechanic, deep story, and robust character development, Puzzle Chronicles brings you into the next era of puzzle RPGs.

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