Xbox Live Getting A TV Channel?

According to sources speaking with Bloomberg, Microsoft is in talks with former News Corp. President Peter Chernin (who’s currently got a gig at Fox) over bringing a TV channel to its Xbox 360 console.

Beginning earlier this month, the discussions revolve around bringing a full channel of programming to the 360, which would include both new shows and re-runs, all aimed at a “young, male target audience”.

The channel would be a joint venture (and would be co-owned) between Chernin and Microsoft. That’s all the…news. Now the bad news: it seems that in order to foot the bill for this, Chernin has suggested raising the price of an Xbox Live Gold subscription by a dollar or two a month.

Seems a bit steep for something many people wouldn’t be terribly interested in, what with the fact their TV sets already have TV channels on them that bring them TV shows. But that’s one of the key drawbacks of Microsoft’s all-encompassing subscription model, I guess.

If you think this is all crazy talk, at least it’s consistent crazy talk, as Bloomberg’s sources say Chernin was also the one floating the idea of bringing Conan O’Brien to Xbox Live. (via Kotaku)

I personally think it sounds like it could have potential, but what would an Xbox Live tv channel bring that I can’t already watch on my actual tv (cable) or on the web?. Would you as a Gold Subscriber be willing to pay a little more for your Xbox Live to have this available?.

What do you guys/gals think of this? Would you be willing to pay a little more for Xbox Live so Xbox can have its own channel? Is this something that interest you or something you really care less about?.

Post your thoughts in the comments below and lets see what the P’N community thinks!

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  • Personally I wouldn’t want to pay extra for a tv channel on XBox Live. I don’t even have cable tv. I got so frustrated and tired of the same crap and commercials on tv. Personally I would pay a little extra for Skynet (UK) due to all the soccer coverage, but that’s just me and very specific. I think if they were to sell a subscription to just the channel for those who wanted it, they would be very disappointed in the results. There are just too many other ways to get news and reruns… But I would like my soccer.

  • dynamicgrimking

    the ideal is a good one, and it has much potential. the only problem is what will actually be on the channel if we get it. the answer to that question is what will truly make the decision for me,and probably most people out there. if its nothing i like its not worth it.

  • Interesting idea, but don’t add this to LIVE Gold and jack up the price for this. Define ‘a little more’…