FOX To Run 30-Minute Red Dead Redemption Short

I don’t understand FOX. It treats shows and their creators poorly (see Joss Whedon and Seth McFarlane—you know, before they took him back when they realized he and Family Guy was a cash cow that would never dry), it has a conservative-biased news channel that repeatedly presents false information when concerning video games, and it still doesn’t understand how aspect ratios work. And yet, somehow, they get stuff like a 30-minute machinima short film of Red Dead Redemption to fall into their sweaty hands.

So far, the only pieces of information that anyone has been able to gather is that the short will be directed by John Hillcoat, director of The Road and The Proposition, and that it will be created with in-game assets from Red Dead Redemption, hence “machinima.” The animated film will air Saturday, May 15 at 11:00pm Central.

This, I feel, is a huge step for video games. Sure, it’s going to air at or around midnight depending on your timezone, but it’s a freaking half hour machinima special on a national broadcast network. When was the last time you remember that happening? People used to wait every month by the mailbox for VHS tapes of video game trailers from Nintendo Power to get that sort of action in the 90’s. Trust me, I know.

Source from the Futon Critic via Kotaku.

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  • I’ll definitely watch for it.

  • Freakizoid

    Pretty awesome for sure. I’ll be setting my DVR.

    Really really odd that it’s FOX though.