Free MAG DLC Coming April 29th

Get your snipe on April 29!

Zipper Interactive has just announced their second free DLC package in two months, which will be landing one week from today, on April 29th. The “Fast Attack Pack” content is focused entirely on the sniper class, as it adds a new sniper rifle for each faction, as well as an improved light armor that will be available to put in your load-outs.

While fans like myself are wishing for new maps, it’s great to see Zipper constantly adding to the game with regular patches, free weapons, and free armor. Good to know that, even though they’re busy with Socom 4, they aren’t losing sight of MAG, and that they’re dishing out updates for free. Which is a whole lot better than…you know…asking $15 for DLC.

Source: US Playstation Blog

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