PS3 Firmware Update Enhances Trophy Vanity

Expected to go up any minute now, a new update was just announced on the Playstation Blog about mandatory firmware update version 3.30. Now, PSN users everywhere will be able to feel extra smug about their trophies, as the update enables players to group their trophies in different ways.

Sorting options will now appear in both the Game and Friends tabs in the PS3 XMB interface, allowing you quicker access to the trophies depending on what you’re looking at. You will be able to sort your trophies by name, game, the date you obtained the trophy, by grade, and these will all be separated by different group lists. Finally, the update is said to prepare the system for this summer’s 3D firmware update, making your PS3 almost ready to officially be able to play 3D movies through a Sony brand 3D television.

And no, this update isn’t bringing back Other OS. My apologies to the three of you who are affected by that. But it is nice to see Sony trying to improve the online features the PS3 seems to struggle with, no?


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