I’m Over Here! Borderlands Claptrap Sound Bytes Available

Borderlands fans rejoice!  You can have your computer, tablet, cellphone (or just about any other device with sound) play your favorite Claptrap lines from the game.  Gearbox Software has made the clips available for free via Major Nelson’s Blog (Larry Hryb of Xbox Live fame).

The downloadable ZIP archive contains 16 wave (WAV) files with the following Claptrap lines:

  • “Ah ha!”
  • “Hey there stranger.”
  • “Did you know since our last visitor…”
  • “I’m over here!”
  • Yoo hoo!”
  • And open!”
  • “Ow.”
  • “Wait.  Is that?  Oh no, not again!  RUN!”
  • “Whew.  Good as new, I think.  Am I leaking?”
  • “Oh no I’m going to die!”
  • (Pleading for his life)
  • “Please don’t shot me.”
  • “Turning off the optics.  they can’t see me.”
  • “Oh, check me out.  Come on.  Get down.”
  • “Check me out.  I’m dancin’.  I’m dancin’.”
  • “I command thee bridge to descend.”

The wave files are for personal non-commercial use only.  Enjoy!

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  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    excellent. Adding to blackberry now.

  • Nice! Adding some to my iPhone. If only Apple opened it up a bit more so I could use for text, push, or other things as I rarely use voice to talk.

  • lilith is hawt