Microsoft Has 40 Million Reasons To Smile Today

A rather large, if ambiguous, milestone was hit today as Xbox 360 sales eclipsed 40 million units worldwide, according to IGN.

While that is impressive, what’s more-so is that 50 million might not be too far off.  Project Natal is slated for release this year, and could drive sales even more (I know I’m planning on upgrading to an Elite one of these days).  Combine that with the flurry of additions to Xbox Live that have happened just in the past year, and I would not be surprised if the big Five-O is hit just after the holidays.

What makes this more impressive is that the system succeeded despite an early setback in the debacle that was RROD.  I think Microsoft’s early entry into HD gaming bought them the time needed to get over that hurdle and recover before the PS3 was able to gain traction, which helped to ensure that the 360 would continue to sell.  Had the PS3 been available, I wonder how many people would have skipped the 360 entirely.  Timing is everything…

Minor issues aside, this is a big day for Microsoft, and my hat goes off to the folks working hard over there who continue to make the Xbox experience a blast.  Now let’s get our hands (and feet.. and head) on Natal.

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  • Michael

    Too bad 25 Million of them have broke 🙂

    • Sadly, it didn’t stop people from buying a second one when their first Xbox broke down lol