Red Dead Redemption Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

Does anyone know who does the voice-over work for the Red Dead Redemption trailers? It’s not like he’s particularly smooth or powerful, but his voice is oddly compelling. He enunciates so incredibly well. He makes me want to buy his product.

Anyways, Rockstar just released a new trailer for their open-world western Red Dead Redemption, this one detailing the ins and outs of its competitive multiplayer modes. The gold-based modes have a bit of an Uncharted 2: Among Thieves feel to it in that you have to retrieve some gold that slows you down, though I guess it’s really just a monetization of any traditional capture the flag mode.

It’s especially interesting, though, that games start out with a Mexican standoff, the victor of which gains a head start on stocking up on items and choosing a strategic location to hole up in.

Look to get all westerny with Red Dead Redemption May 18th for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and for extra fun, I suggest reading the comments on IGN‘s YouTube page for this trailer (“I LITRRALY CAME,” an amazingly insightful piece of Internet discourse).

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