Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Delivers Telltale’s Biggest Multi-Platform Digital Game Launch Ever!

Episode One of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse was released earlier this month and it has been received very well by critics and gamers across each of the platforms it was released on.  In fact as you’ll read below it is now Telltale’s most successful multi-platform launch game.

In case you didn’t know, Episode One, The Penal Zone sees Sam & Max, New Yorks funniest freelance duo on their latest adventures, solving crime in their own unique way. The game was released on PSN, PC and the iPad and if you want to know more about the first episode in this five episode series then stay tuned this week for the PlatformNation reviews.

The second episode is released next month.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – April 22, 2010 – Sam & Max: the Devil’s Playhouse, the new epic 5 game comedy saga from Telltale Games Inc. is dominating the sales charts on multiple digital channels. Launched earlier this month The Devil’s Playhouse and its premiere episode The Penal Zone currently ranks in the top 10 sales charts in the iPad App Store and Steam, and the game is among the top 20 most downloaded titles on the PlayStation Store.

“This is the strongest debut for the dog and bunny detective to date – and for Telltale,” said Telltale CEO, Dan Connors. “PC and PlayStation 3 audiences have responded extremely well to the game, and we’re happy to bring our brand of storytelling to the new iPad audience, a community that is hungry for quality game content. The game is also the top seller by far right now at the store.”

The positive consumer demand has been equaled by the media’s critical acclaim: “Latest Sam & Max is best yet … Telltale at the top of their game.”

PlayStationLifeStyle: “It is one of the best titles on PSN yet, greatly surpassing many of the titles which are available.”

Kotaku: “How could I not recommend Sam and Max?” “This is a deep, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable game…”

Leading media sites, including GamePro, Kotaku, Destructoid, and TIME Magazine’s tech blog Techland have all included The Penal Zone as one of the “Top Must-Have iPad Games.”

The second episode of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, called The Tomb of Sammun-Mak, releases next month.

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