Third Map Pack Coming For Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2 will soon receive a third map pack to entice players to fire up the game.  According to the website,, A new VIP Bad Company 2 Map Pack has been revealed. Laguna Alta will get Squad Rush, and Nelson Bay will get Squad Deathmatch. There are no maps for the main game-modes, Rush and Conquest.

It looks like this DLC will be free to VIP members who purchased the game new and entered in their VIP code.  No word on cost for non-VIP members or a release date.

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  • I saw in the marketplace for 1200 the ‘BF:BC2 VIP’. I think for that price you become a VIP if you didn’t get a code with your game.

  • Yeah, that is the price if you want to be a BF:BC2 VIP if your game didn’t come with one or you got a used copy.

    It is similar to what Mass Effect 2 did with its Cerberus network.