RUSE Delayed Again

RUSE has been delayed multiple times in the past, and those hoping it would come out in June have again been greeting with the news that RUSE has been delayed AGAIN. This time until September.

On the Facebook page of the developers they posted:

We have some important news to share with you today.

Following the massive feedback we got from the community during the Public Beta, we have decided to postpone the release of the final game to September 2010.

To sum the whole Facebook post up. People played it, and apparently had a couple issues. So they are going to spend another couple of months fixing issues such as:

• The multiplayer menus and filters
• The unit selection
• The order assignment
• The unit behaviour and pathfinding
• The strategic AI behaviour
• The anti-lag policy and kick system
• and the game balance of course

Hopefully when the game finally hits store shelves in September, it will have been worth the wait. Unless it’s delayed again of course. I have been looking forward to this game to some degree, although it’s not my kind of game, for the people that like this genre it definitely looks like a game that should be on your gamedar.

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  • Isn’t this what beta is for, to iron out issues that would result in a poor quality game? I guess I’m ok with companies listening to their beta feedback — just hope it isn’t paralysis by analysis.

  • MrStillwater

    I think having played the beta and spoken to quite a few other people about it, it’s entirely incorrect to say that people didn’t like it. The game is excellent, but there were a few areas (mostly technical things such as lag) that could definitely have been improved.