Are You A Cheater?!?

Don’t think you can lie to me! We’ve all done it. Swore at the beginning of a game that we would NOT look. But they make it SO easy. The strategy guides, FAQ’s, cheats…

I’ll admit I’m one of the worst. It all spawns from my (obviously) favorite game, Final Fantasy X. I put 36 hours into that *&%^!$# game and then come to realize I missed something WAY back, and had to start again. FML.

Looking more into it though, I realized there is more than just one type of a “cheater.” So, which category do YOU fit into?

Strategy guides… The most in-depth way to help manuver through a game. These would be my favorite! Even if I know I’m going to go through a game more than once, I’ll always at least glance through the strategy guide as I go. I don’t normally purchase them for every game I have though. Currently I have the guides for FFX, FFX.2, FFXIII, Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 and Devil May Cry 4.

There is always a TON of useful information in them, even if you don’t use it for the walkthrough, just the side stuff is great. Weaponry, storyline, enemies… All good things to have at your side.

Then you have things like FAQ’s, which you can find on sites like GameFaqs or IGN. Crazy people, with more free time than I have EVER had, sit and make up their own walkthroughs as they go through a game. These are the best things for someone that wants to play the game with no strategy guide, but has simply gotten stuck and has no way out. I have looked these up plenty of times!

Now THIS is your ultimate form of cheating. Finding a code that will give you limitless lives, money or items. THIS is your ultimate game killer. Where is the fun if you just breeze through it?

I’ll admit, I have used this cheat in SIMS. Tons of $ then you can decorate and build and party. Can’t say SIMS is really a skill game though (more of a time and patience thing), so is it truly cheating?

Now I haven’t seen too much of these lately. Either developers are getting smart, or people aren’t smart enough to figure them out. It is always fun to watch how long a game is out before someone has found one though. Makes me think that one, there are a lot of intelligent people out there, and two, WHY are they all sitting in front of the TV? Just goes to show that gamers ARE smart! Well, some of us…

So there! Ha! I caught you! Did you think you’d get away with it forever? Now everyone knows YOU ARE A CHEATER! But that’s okay, so am I!

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