BRINK Creative Director Richard Ham Reveals More Details

Two recent interviews with Richard Ham, Creative Director on Brink, states why Brink will be a standout game in 2010.  It seems that Splash Damage is going the extra mile to create an immersive, frustration free gaming experience.
“One of the most important things for us in the development of Brink is ensuring that all the standard “griefing” maneuvers that jerks can do online are taken care of, because we want as many people as possible to have fun when they’re in multiplayer.”
“So to solve the common problem of the guy who stands in front of the doorway, blocking his entire team, we don’t have collision between players at all. So everyone can walk through everyone. However, to ensure players can’t take advantage of this (by having a small body-type player “hide” inside a big body type) players will get gently “pushed” away from each other if they stop moving. “
Another consideration for gamers is freedom of movement around and over obstacles using a system Splash Damage is calling SMART.
“A lot of people draw parallels to Mirror’s Edge since Brink is an FPS, but our SMART system is really more closely related to what Ubisoft did in Assassin’s Creed. There, they were trying to make the acrobatic gameplay of Prince of Persia more accessible to a broader audience, and we’re trying to do the same thing with SMART. Since we’re a shooter first and foremost, we really want players to be focusing on the shooting, not on the moving around.  So SMART basically just takes care of complex movement for you. You want to scramble up that wall to chase after that guy who’s escaping? Just hold the button down and run towards the wall. You want to slide under the table and surprise the enemy? Just run towards the table and hold the button.”
The option to perfect the jumps and slides is still there for the players who want to control them and with spot-on timing, the SMART system can be bested.
PC gamers should be pleased to know they will be able to setup traditional dedicated gaming servers  and, even though there is no official announcement, it’s certainly implied that the modding community will not be shutout.
Stunning graphics,  a timely and relevant storyline combined with ease of play could make Brink a must have title of 2010.  For more details you can find the original interviews at and GamesTM.

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