California’s Violent Video Game Law Under Review By Supreme Court

A case against California’s ban of selling violent video games to minors is currently in the process of being disputed in court. The argument against the law is on behalf of free speech. People argue that the law is “too restrictive” and that the ESRB should suffice in the handling of informing consumer’s purchasing decisions. Oral arguments are to be held during the fall.

I may be biased, but I never liked the existence of this law. Although, I’ve always felt conflicted about it. While I do agree with the intent, I don’t agree with the method. It should be the consumer’s right/freedom to determine what and how they purchase, not the government’s. This is a case of people putting their hands where they don’t belong. The state may feel an obligation to help monitor the situation but completely banning something is too much. It’s crossing a line. I would like to see this law abolished and the state of California do the right thing: Put the responsibility back with the parent’s where it belongs.

(Source CNN)

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