Time To Power Up:Final Mega Man 10 DLC Due Out This Week

Mega Man fans will be pleased to hear that more Mega Man 10 DLC is set to release this week.  However, this will be the final bit of DLC for Mega Man 10.  This set of DLC will feature the Mega Man killers Punk (from the Gameboy Mega Man III) and Ballade (from the Gameboy Mega Man IV).  They will also be accompanied by a new mode, Endless Mode, which should add some endless (no pun intended) replay value for us devoted Mega Man fans.

Lucky Wii owners will be able to get their hands on this content today for a total of 400 Wii points.  Meanwhile, Xbox 360 users will have to wait until this upcoming Wednesday(320 MS Points) and PS3 owners will have to wait until this upcoming Thursday($4).


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  • Seandood

    Great news for Megaman 10 fans, too bad PS3/360 users will have to wait a little bit…