Gonzo Gaming: Absent Until Friday

Gonzo 300

There is a theoretical possibility that Gonzo Gaming hurts our download numbers. Say we put up a main show on Friday night, that episode only has Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to get picked up by our audience before a new Gonzo Gaming appears in the download queue.

That means that any listeners who want to download the latest main episode of Digital Cowboys have to know it’s there or be actively looking at it and many download avenues only show the latest installment. We’ve seen a slump in downloads of the main show for the past two weeks so we’re going to see what happens this week if I release Gonzo Gaming on Friday morning. That gives us Wednesday and Thursday to grab more downloads on the main show. If very little changes, we may go back to a Tuesday release slot, or Wednesday. Bottom line is, I don’t want to hurt our growth with this. I am, however really appreciative of all the positive feedback we’ve got for Gonzo Gaming.

Any advice or suggestions, post below or on the forums.

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