Super Challengers Pack 1 DLC Released For Super Street Fighter IV

The first package of DLC for Super Street Fighter IV has hit the Xbox Live Marketplace. Titled “Super Challengers Pack 1”, it includes costumes for Hakan, Mokoto, Guy, Dudley, and Dee Jay, who make up half of the new characters for the upgraded version. Most likely, a “Super Challengers Pack 2” will come with costumes for Cody, T. Hawk, Juri, Adon, and Ibuki. The pack runs 320 MS Points. The free DLC of “Tournament Mode” is still months away.

While I will definitely get this DLC at some point, I’m not in too much of a rush; I’ve already spent around $130 on a game I have yet to actually receive yet (between the Amazon pre-order and the Dojo Edition to get all the store extras, minus GameStop’s finger fighters). Down the road, the DLC will undoubtedly be bundled at a lower price point. Come hell or high water, though, and I will be throwing down as Dudley later tonight. Hey, I even bought another year of Xbox Live, primarily for this game.

The PlayStation version of this DLC has not been released yet.

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  • Dang it. I too am tired of spending money on this game. Does anyone know if the old dlc will work for the old char costumes? Not that they were all that great before though.