Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology Coming To DSiWare

First off, if you don’t know who Jason Rohrer is: This guy.  Jason Rohrer is the maker of a long catalogue of indie games, most notably Gravitation and Passage. The majority of his games can be downloaded for free at his website but now you can purchase Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer anthology. Alt-Play will feature a compilation of 3 games from Jason Rohrer: Passage, Between, and Gravitation.

I’m really happy to see Jason Rohrer able to make some money off of some of his work. Passage was a pretty fantastic artsy-fartsy game and the guy deserves some cash. Although, his games aren’t for everyone there at least worth a look. Plus, I would like to support Jason because his recent title , Sleep is Death, is fantastic.

(Source Gamerbytes)

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