Birth Of A Spartan Trailer

Microsoft and Bungie have released the trailer for the Halo Reach beta, which starts on Monday, May 3rd.

Brace yourselves for a riveting glimpse into one of the darkest secrets of the “Halo” universe. This week is the premiere of “Birth of a Spartan,” a live-action short directed by award-winning director Noam Murro. Airing on multiple U.K. and U.S. TV networks and also showing in movie theaters across North America, “Birth of a Spartan” is a stirring depiction of the transformation of Carter 259, the future leader of Noble Team in “Halo: Reach,” from an ordinary young man to a superhuman Spartan warrior.

Augmentation begins April 28, 2010.”

In the trailer, we get a glimpse of what the Spartan III’s go through to become the super soldiers that they are. Spartan III’s are mass produced and not as expensive as the Spartan II/Master Chief variety.

The extended cut of this trailer will hit the web tomorrow morning.

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  • I am not a big Halo Fan, but they do have the best trailers!

  • I’m a huge Halo fan but this trailer does not help the game. If anything, it helps prove that if they wanted to, they could make a decent Halo movie. Bring on Reach!