Next Call Of Duty To Be Announced On GameTrailers TV This Week

If you’re looking for Call of Duty news that isn’t related to the Infinity Ward fiasco, you’re in luck. This week’s GameTrailers TV will feature a brand new teaser trailer that promises to “put all the rumors to rest.” We already know that the next iteration of Activision’s FPS franchise will be developed by World at War‘s Treyarch, but this week’s GTTV should finally confirm the long-rumored Vietnam setting.

GTTV will air on SpikeTV on Friday night at 12:40AM.  (via joystiq)

GTTV will apparently being showing off a new teaser trailer for the next Call of Duty game Friday night at 12:40am. The next game which is being developed by Treyarch and is rumored to be set in Vietnam. (unconfirmed as of yet)

This weeks Trailer will finally put that rumor to rest and we should all know what the next CODs setting will be, so be sure to check it out at 12:40am Friday night or watch it online shortly after the broadcast.

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  • Will they just give the COD franchise a rest for a few years? I mean com on its ridiculous!!

    • murphy

      if you dont like it m8 dont buy it!
      i cant wait for another cod game as mw2 was a bit of a let down but i do play it.
      ill buy any game they bring out