Mass Effect 3 Coming To…PS3? Surely, You Jest

With another E3 just around the corner, it comes as no surprise that the big industry leaks are starting now.

A “leaked” photograph has hit the internet detailing what appears to be each publisher’s upcoming E3 announcements. Sony’s lineup has mostly expected titles. Games like Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Little Big Planet 2 all make appearances at the top of the list.

However, as you scroll down the photo, one is certain to catch your eye more than others: Bioware’s Mass Effect 3. If this photo is believed to be legit, then one of Microsoft’s most critically acclaimed and profitable exclusive franchises might be playing hooky with the PS3. Might this be Sony’s revenge screw after Microsoft’s scene-stealing Final Fantasy 13 moment from last year’s E3?

Now, the source of this photo remains unknown, and there isn’t anything concrete whatsoever regarding the authenticity of the photo. For all we know, Jack Tretton might have photoshopped this last night. But, rumors are fun, right? Mass Effect 3 on the PS3???! WHAT!? NO WAY!!!

But, hey, the only one on that list that makes me get all antsy-in-the pantsy is Fahrenheit 2, or Indigo Prophecy 2 to Americans. That’s a tasty rumor too, no?

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  • If this happens, I will be VERY disappointed. The Mass Effect franchise is meant to be played on the Xbox 360 and ONLY the Xbox 360. I wouldn’t buy it on PS3 anyway because I have game saves that need to be imported. Sucks for ME3 players that want their decisions to carry over. Guess I’m still a semi-Xbox 360 fanboy in that regard.

    • @Patrick Talbert (AzraelPC):
      Cute picture! Oh and as far as “The Mass Effect franchise is meant to be played on the Xbox 360 and ONLY the Xbox 360.” well I could say the same about the Final Fantasy franchise,….but thats right Final Fanstasy is no longer on the Playstation. Reguardless if Mass Effect ports over or not; suck it up, its likely to happen sooner or later.

      • CarlosS

        I can tell u dont know nothing about final fantasy, FF was never a Playstation exclusive game, the first final fantasy’s came out for nintendo, family entertaiment, then ps1(playstation just hapened to be the best console at the moment, but final fantasy was never tied to the playstation console)

    • why do you care if a ps3 owner can play mass effect 3?

  • Well, it’s also a PC game. If this were true, my immediate reaction was to get the PS3 version, but your comment about bringing over the save from previous games, made me re-think that.

    Although, really, none of your choices made a big difference in how ME2 played out. It all just changed what people said to you in passing. Stuff like “oh, the Rachni Queen says ‘hey’ by the way”.

    But, we’ll see.

    • lklf

      lol ur dumb man, mass effect 1 and 2 are both on pc and there better than the xbox versions (better graphics, etc)

  • Pacther predicted this will happen so that means it won’t.

  • Julian Montoya (DarthJuLiOh)

    did you guys notice the “James Bond game for XBLA”? That’d mean GoldenEye, right? Except it isn’t possible, at all, to bring it to XBLA, or any other platform for that matter. So I’d say this whole photography is fake.

    Mass Effect could go to PS3, but it would not be an exclusive. If its ever released, it’d be something like a trilogy special edition. All in one bluray. We’ll see.

  • Reilly

    This is clearly fake.
    Why does it appear on the Sony list and not on the EA below it? Bioware have already said that it will be on the Xbox so it should also be on the Microsoft list?

  • Mr kelleher

    Fake, the companys are listed in no set order, and why would me3 be on ps3 if none of the others are because you wouldn’t get to bring you saves over, ands it’s already confirmed to be on 360 so it should be in the ea list

  • theonlyonewhoisntanidiot

    hey idiots who think this is fake, this is clearly the publishers list

    • bas

      Oh look here we have an internet tough guy calling people idiots on the internet. So, what exactly makes this “clearly” the publisher’s list? If you said nothing you sir are correct. For one thing, ME3 would also be listed on the 360 side.

      Another thing that clearly shows this to be a fake is the battletoads inclusion. This was probably made by someone from anonymous.

  • jane

    noone complained bout gta being released on the 360.. why complain bout final fantasy 13? what bout the n64 games being released on the xbla arcade and noone is complaining? what can i say? sony was dumb to let final phantasy hit 360, and now microsoft copied and paste their mistake

  • clearlyfake

    lol this is clearly fake. It has been confirmed that you can port your ME2 characters into ME3 so it would make sooooo much sense if it went exclusively to the ps3 so they could port their xbox 360 exclusive ME2 characters to their ps3 exclusive ME3. whoever made this put a list together of confirmed titles and obviously believable sequels. some will be right, but this is not official at all

  • clearlyfake

    ha and also:

  • For the record: I never claimed this was legit. I even mentioned that there’s no authenticity to the picture in the article. Just posting it for fun, and to spark debate, which, I suppose it has.

    No need for anyone to be name calling.