Platform Nation’s Lock and Load – Episode 15

Welcome to this weeks episode of Platform Nation’s Lock and Load, your weekly official P*N Video Game Podcast.

This weeks hosts are, Steven Artlip (Steve519), Scott diMonda (WCC5723) and Mark Rea (A Dark Night 2)

Our primary objective this week:
– Video Gaming Linkage To Intelligence

Our rapid fire topics this week are:
Plants vs Zombies Sequel, by Jonathan Holeska
3D Gaming To PS3: Better Get Your 3D Popcorn Ready!, by Tym Kaywork
LittleBigPlanet 2 Revealed?, by Mark Withers
Canadian Videogame Awards, by Cooper Bidaud
How Nintendo Can (and should) Win Back An Old Fanboy, by Julian Montoya
Left 4 Dead 2 Add-On Coming April 22nd!, by Sarah Brannan
Bionic Commando ReArmed 2 Incoming, by Ross Wigg
Final Fight: Double Impact Requires PSN connectivity, by D. Demitrius Smith
PS3 Firmware Update Enhances Trophy Vanity, by Sean O’Brien
Online Gaming Infographic Reveals What You Suspected, by Tim Poon

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  • Jason Large (BeaArthur)

    Another great show guys. A Dark Knight 2 should be proud, he did an excellent job and could have a future in this business if he wants to pursue it. I’m glad to see that Steve has finally gotten into the Bad Company 2 multiplayer. It has been like heroine to me since I first tried the demo. I would hop into a game with you but unfortunately I have the 360 version. I’m sure you will have already covered it in your next show so I won’t ask your thoughts on it, but damn the Activision/Bungie deal came out of nowhere. I think it’s a good move for Bungie since the terms of the agreement keep Activision from interfering but at the same time, as a Halo fan, I am saddened by the fact that I won’t ever get to play another Halo game made by some of the best developers in the business.

    • A Dark Knight 2

      Jason – thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it.
      Steve and Scott are great hosts to work with. I look forward to the potential of being on future shows and meeting more of the “Amazing” PN Community..!

  • And you got my name right, btw :).. can’t speak for the others, but considering how often mine is butchered, well done 🙂

  • A Dark Knight 2

    Steve and Scott- thanks again for having me on the show. It was a great experience and I had a blast.

    Remind me to send you the $50 cash each for being on the show if I forget by next week. BTW- you guys were way cheaper than the VGJ; they wanted $100 each…! 🙂