Call of Duty: Blacks Ops Announced & Dated

Thanks to some eagled eye people, we have uncovered a new area of the Call of Duty sites; It reveals the name & release date of the next Call of Duty game. Call of Duty: Black Ops will be the name of the next title and the site also gives us a release date of 11/9/10 (November 9th 2010). Not much else has been revealed like the setting and time period but we can expect that all to be revealed in the GTTV Call of Duty teaser trailer later on tonight. What are you hoping for, A Vietnam or WW2 setting? I’m hoping for Vietnam.

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  • Jonathan Irvine

    You can start reserving it tomorrow at GameStop, for those who just can’t wait for it.

  • Well, I won’t be getting this. Any CoD game that doesn’t have anything to do with a setting that isn’t current won’t be in my game library.

  • Silverthorne

    Well, it’s either Vietnam/ Cambodia or Cold War Europe/ South America. Ops don’t get much blacker than that.

  • I honestly can’t force myself through another FPS set in WWII or Vietnam, I never picked up CoD WaW for the same reason. I am just burnt out on past wars, it needs to be current or future to interest me anymore. Looking forward to Medal of Honor, Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Gears of War 3 myself.