Flash Game Friday for June 30th – Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Flash Game Friday is a weekly column, where we highlight some great new free online Flash games put up in the past week. This week’s highlight is the game “Super Mario Bros. Crossover”.

Originally, when I was preparing for this week’s Flash Game Friday, I convinced myself that for this week’s edition, I would avoid Super Mario Bros. Crossover. I knew that it’s been all over the gaming press, and that it probably will be removed soon because of Nintendo’s extremely annoying law officials. I looked all over for a good new flash game for this week, and while I found a few that were pretty good, I found myself going back to Super Mario Bros. Crossover. It’s so addicting, it’s not even funny. I’ve played Super Mario Bros. several times before, and Crossover truly made me enjoy that game in a whole different way.

As you can probably see in the above picture, this is not your grandfather’s Super Mario Bros. This game may have 25-year-old levels that many of us have played tons of times, but it’s the new characters that make the real difference. Crossover characters in games have always been a pretty cool concept, but in Super Mario Bros. Crossover, it’s amazing. You’re always welcome to choose good ol’ Mario like you did in your local arcade decades ago, but what’s the fun in that when you’ve got 5 characters from other famous 8-bit games to play with? The other characters in the game are Link from The Legend of Zelda,  Bill R. from Contra, Simon from Castlevania, Mega Man from (duh) Mega Man, and Samus from Metroid.

Each of the 6 characters are specially designed to play as similarly as possible to how they played in their original games. The characters weren’t just put in as re skinned versions as Mario that play with the same physics and all. When you play as Mega Man, you play with the same jumping physics and dying animations as in the original game. With the moves and physics also comes music from the original games for each character. Each level has different music from the specific character’s own game, making the game seem like almost a spin-off of a Mario game.

What I like the most about Super Mario Bros. Crossover is the fact that a lot of the franchises that I’ve loved that haven’t been Mario are put in one of my favorite games of all time, and allow for a whole new game experience. If you haven’t tried out this game yet, I strongly recommend you do. Also, make sure to save this one to your computer, before the wrath of the Nintendo lawyers hits. This game’s way too awesome to miss out on.

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