Kratos’ Real Struggle

We all know Kratos the Spartan, Kratos the God of War, and Kratos the god-killer.  But there is another Kratos: The Sexual Harassment Victim.  Yes, it happened right before our very eyes in an monstrous act perpetrated by Aphrodite.

There’s Kratos, a man-god bent on revenge against the gods that have not only been toying with humanity for their own amusement, but also causing the deaths of scores of people, including his own wife and daughter.  Sure, his methods are brutal, but make no mistake: he’s fighting for all of mankind.  He enters Aphrodite’s chamber looking for a portal.  There are boobs everywhere, and he’s a little apprehensive.  Sure, it sounds completely awesome, but all he wants is the portal so he can get on with his dark duty.  Aphrodite says she’ll help him…if he does a little something for her first.

This isn’t like GOW 1 or 2.  In those episodes, you had a choice.  Oh no, Aphrodite is quite clear when she implies, “do what I want, or your quest ends right here”.  He tries to cut her down — no luck.  He pretends to give in to her advances, hoping that poor performance will get him through, but all failure does is make Aphrodite’s servants mock him.  He finally does what she wants, finally succeeds, and Aphrodite insults him one last time by showing him that the portal was just over there, behind a mere curtain.  Kratos turns, shamed, and I think I saw a tear in his eye.  Humiliated by the one god he couldn’t kill.

No wonder he ends up punching Zeus into jelly.

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